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HRG development

TVG - 3

Hemispherical resonator gyro TVG - 3

The TVG-3 hemispherical resonator gyro is designed for operation in strapdown inertial navigation systems (BINS) for civil purpose as integrating gyro.

The principle of operation is based on the lag effect of sanding wave excited in hemispherical resonator.


— High accuracy
— Low power consumption 
— Service life – more than 100 000 hours


Random drift 0,05 - 0,1 °/h
Systematic drift ± 1 °/h
Scale factor stability <= 1 PPM
Readiness time 3 min.
Power consumption 1,5 W
Dimensions Ø 65 х 92 mm
Weight 350 g

Inertial measurement unit IMU-HRG

Inertial measurement unit IMU-HRG provides definition and conclusion increments of apparent velocity and angle of rotation (in the form of projections on the axis associated with the block of the sensing element coordinate system).

IMU-HRG designed for use in the systems of orientation and stabilization, navigation systems, cursortype.



IMU-HRG developed on the basis of domestic electronic components.
In the IMU-HRG applied hemispherical resonator gyroscopes, possessing advantages:
  • low sensitivity to external vibration and linear loads;
  • high radiation resistance;
  • low noise component of the measurement.


Channel measurement of angular velocity:


- measurement range

± 300 0

- the zero drift

no more than 0,05 angular moment/minute

- scale factor error

no more than 5·10-5

Channel measurement of linear acceleration:


- measurement range

± 320 м/с2

- the zero drift

no more than 9·10-4 м/с2

- scale factor errorr

no more than 7·10-5

 Data Refreshing Frequency

100 Hz

Operating range supply voltage

19,0…35,0 W

Power consumption

no more than 40 Wt


325×170×306 мм


10 kg